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Living With a Cochlear Implant : Sport and Play

The majority of sports activities are perfectly safe for implant users and the use of their equipment is often necessary for them to enjoy and participate fully in the sport.

For all activities the processor should be worn securely. If this is not possible, for example with behind the ear processors and more vigorous activities, it may be safer to remove the equipment to prevent damage or loss.

Cochlear implant users are advised not to participate in sports where physical injuries to the head are inevitable or likely. For some sports, the use of a helmet is recommended. Padding can be modified inside the helmet to prevent direct pressure over the implant site.

The external equipment should be removed for all water sports. Scuba diving or deep sea diving is not recommended because of the potential risk of pressure to the implant. For some water sports such as canoeing and sailing, a helmet is advisable.

Three teenagers playing basketball

Extreme fairground rides are not advisable as the excessive forces experienced may damage the implant.