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Care and Maintenance : Spares & Repairs

Each patient is provided with a set of spare parts for their processor.

Our service provides a postal service for replacement processors where possible within 24 hours. Batteries and other spares are sent by second class courier service and can take up to 8 working days to arrive. Please ensure you leave plenty time to order these items.

This is provided free of charge.

Call our spares hotline: 01563 827339

Over the last 12 months 25 processors have been lost by patients. A replacement processor costs this department on average £5,000.

A Loss of £125,000 this year.

This severely impacts on our ability to support patients with spares and repairs.

Can we also ask users to ensure they return all broken parts to the clinic in a timely manner as they are able to be repaired inside their warranty period.  Individual cables can cost as much as £150 each to replace.

Women retrieving a set of spare parts for a cochlear implant